Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

I got some sparkley text now! Woooot! :D :D It needed a lot of sparkles, lol. 
Hi y'all! I had some Easter nail art for you all today! And Bunday! Me and Valentina are just wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday! Hope you enjoy your dinners and egg hunts, or whatever you do to celebrate the day! And if you don't celebrate Easter, then.. Happy whatever holiday you do celebrate! As you can see, Valentina was not amused by my little photoshoot with her the other night. She's obviously too good for that treatment and should just get treats and head rubs instead. Plus I moved her babies to use in the picture! *Gasp* How dare me. (the stuffed animals you can see behind her, are her babies, lol. Tina doesn't have actualy babies) 
 There were a lot of polishes used here so let me try to remember them all. 

There was Wet N Wild French tip, Tickled Pink, and Retro Mint and then there was LA Colors Bliss, and Daisy and I used Sinful colors Snow Me White under my decals for a base. 

There were so many colors because they just weren't cooperating for the water marble for me at all, so I had to keep trying different ones, but I still had the dried marbled polish laying around, so I ended up just making what I could, work for a decal. I like how they came out actually. I thought the water marble would be sort of like an Easter Egg look. The bunny was painted with acrylic paints. And It's kind of terrifying, so sorry about that. 

Tina still had her grumpy face on! But we thank you for reading! Let us know what you thought in the comments below! 

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